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Conserve Water & Energy with a Navien System in Pasadena, MD

Is it time to upgrade your hot water heater? Looking to maximize your energy efficiency? Now is the time to install one of the most efficient water heaters or boilers on the market brought to you by Navien. Universal AC & Heat offers a vast selection of commercial and residential products from Navien to customers throughout Pasadena, MD. Whether you’re looking for a tankless water heater, a boiler or a combination of the two in a combi-boiler, our team is able to help you select the best model and size for your home or business. We are the local, trusted source for Navien water systems in Pasadena, MD. Call us today to learn more about these highly-efficient systems or to set up a consultation at your location.

Choose from Our Selection of Efficient Navien Products

If you’re interested in increasing the energy efficiency of your home, there’s no better way to do so than with the addition of a Navien water system, and Universal AC & Heat is here to help you find the right product for you. Navien has a selection of water heaters, boilers, and combi-boilers, all of which help to reduce the energy usage in your home. The exclusive design of our tankless water heaters and combi-boilers even helps to minimize water wasted in comparison to other standard tank models. This means low operating costs and improved comfort, as these systems can continually supply hot water as you need it. Browse the Navien products we offer to Pasadena, MD residents and business owners below.

Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Navien tankless hot water heaters replace the inefficient tank models of years past, saving you water, natural gas, and electricity. And they do so all while bringing you an endless supply of hot water, lower overall maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan. 

  • NPE-Standard: This series is one of the industry’s top-rated units for energy efficiency, delivering more output for the money and effectively lowering operating costs. Available in four sizes:
  1. NPE-150S: Max Input – 120,000 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial
  2. NPE-180S: Max Input – 150,000 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial
  3. NPE-210S: Max Input – 180,000 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial
  4. NPE-240S: Max Input – 199,900 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial
  • NPE-Advanced: Exclusive to Navien, the NPE-Advanced features ComfortFlow® technology, eliminating the “cold water sandwich” effect common in other tankless systems. Utilizing an insulated buffer tank and a recirculation pump, it delivers hot water continuously and saves water by reducing the time it takes to produce warm water. Available in three sizes:
  1. NPE-180A: Max Input – 150,000 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial, ComfortFlow® technology
  2. NPE-210A: Max Input – 180,000 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial, ComfortFlow® technology
  3. NPE240A: Max Input – 199,900 BTU/H, indoor or outdoor wall hung, residential/commercial, ComfortFlow® technology


Navien Condensing Combi-Boilers

Both the NFC and NCB-E combi-boilers are highly efficient and have the capacity to supply not only heat but also domestic hot water for larger homes, producing hydronic heat for an entire home, plus hot water to run three showers and a dishwasher, simultaneously.

  • NFC Series: These combi-boilers combine condensing tankless water heaters and fire tube boilers into one efficient appliance to reduce energy and water use. Comes in two sizes:
  1. NFC-175: Max HTG Input – 175,000 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 199,900 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  2. NFC-200: Max HTG Input – 199,900 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 199,900 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  • NCB-E Series: The slim design of the NCB-E series requires 80% less space than traditional boilers and tank water heaters. Producing both heat and hot water, these systems are a 2 for 1 deal that come in four different sizes:
  1. NCB-150E: Max HTG Input – 60,000 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 120,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, residential
  2. NCB-180E: Max HTG Input – 80,000 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 150,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, residential
  3. NCB-210E: Max HTG Input – 100,000 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 180,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, residential
  4. NCB-240E: Max HTG Input – 120,000 BTU/H, Max DHW Input: 199,900 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, residential

Navien Condensing Heating Boilers

We offer two series of Navien boilers to meet the unique needs of every residential or commercial customer. These efficient systems take up far less space than traditional floor-standing models.

  • NHB Series: These systems utilize Navien’s advanced burner system, an industry-leading AFUE of 95%, and turn down rations up to 15:1. With integrated control, this series has adjustable heat capacity, freeze protection, adjustable anti-cycle timer, and many other convenient features. This series includes:
  1. NHB-55: Max HTG Input – 55,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  2. NHB-80: Max HTG Input – 80,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  3. NHB-110: Max HTG Input – 110,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  4. NHB-150: Max HTG Input – 150,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  • NFB Series: This series features Navien’s advanced patented, stainless steel heat exchanger design that is ASME-Certified, as well as H-stamped, reducing high-stress point weld failures that are common in other boilers. Available in two sizes:
  1. NFB-175: Max HTG Input – 175,000 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential
  2. NFB-200: Max HTG Input – 199,900 BTU/H, indoor wall-hung, commercial/residential


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If you’re sold on the idea of a new Navien water system, now is the time to call Universal AC & Heat. We’ll help you choose the right product and model to meet the needs of your home or business. We also provide expert installation and regular maintenance of these systems to keep them functioning for years to come. Contact us with our team today with any questions. We’re ready to help you increase your energy efficiency!


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    Great service, awesome staff both technician and office personnel. Universal puts the customer first.
    Patrick C.
  • Thanks for a job well done!  Miles conducted a preventative check
    on my A/C & Heating. I was curious, as I have never had to have my furnace checked. 

    Miles carefully explained to me what and why he was doing as hechecked and cleaned the various parts. I appreciated the courteous and professional manner of my technician, throughout the process.  Kudos to Universal! 

    Susan C.
  • What a great bunch of guys ! hard workers,polite left everything clean .Explained everything in detail. You could tell they all worked together well and with respect to each other. I had to leave for a few hours and felt very comfortable in doing that. I also got a few cleaning tips ...very helpful. Thanks to you all , I am chillin today!!
    S. Miller
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    Karen S.

  • I was surfing for someone to do some duct work in my cracker box of a house (built in 1965), the original ducts were split and not connected to the floor of the bedrooms thus no airflow. I got 3 estimates Universal being the last. Eric the owner came out and within 10 minutes knew I was going to give him the job. He was the only one who offered a solution to a problem with heating in the basement that the others never noticed or approached with me. Solid advice!  I've had a lot of good and bad contractors in my day but without question Universal was the most comprehensive and honest I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. The whole staff from Eric to the installers to the office staff were nothing but total professionals and wanting to make sure everything was a pleasant experience. If you have any doubts, contact them to contact me and I will personally get back to you and let you come over and see the work.......really great stuff!  Thanks guys, it's been a real pleasure, you're the best.

    B. Britt - Pasadena

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